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Core Values

The DHA Educational system ensures provision of quality education in a conducive and congenial environment under the guidance of 806 competent faculty members. Our mission is to groom students into good citizens who turn out to become responsible individuals of society. The emphasis is on nurturing the following qualities:

  • Wholesome personality
  • Creative thinking
  • True Islamic perception
  • Healthy team spirit
  • High moral values

DHA Education System. Some of the best practices of DHA Educational System are:- Education for All: DHA Education Network caters to all strata of the society. There are institutions forchildren hailing from affluent families, as well as, schools for students coming from lower-income groups. No one is refused admission because of inadequate financial resources. Scholarships are awarded to talented students and fee concession is provided to the deserving students upto a volume of approximately Rs 75 Million per annum.

Character Building: Character building is an important precept of our education system which helps ingrooming our youngsters into eloquent and dynamic students of the 21st century. An equal emphasis is placed on both formal and informal curriculum.

Environmental Awareness: As a part of civic education, the DHA Education Network advocates thecultivation of a heightened sense of civic-mindedness in all the stake-holders. Activities conducted to generate a heightened civic sense are:-

  • Cleanliness Drives
  • Beach Cleaning Campaigns
  • Smog Day Awareness
  • Say ‘No’ to Plastic Bags
  • Go Green, DHA

Reading Services for the Community

  • Exclusive reading and learning facilities are provided to a large number of people of all ages and of varied interests at affordable rates through a state-of-the-art and well maintained DHA Central Library.
  • At present, the library has around 77,500/- books in addition to a large number of e-books and subscribes to 40 national and international magazines, periodicals and newspapers. The library remains open seven days a week.

Higher Education Needs of the society.

  • In addition to School/College education, keeping in mind the demands of the masses, DHA established a university in 2012 by the name of DHA Suffa University.
  • The University caters to higher educational demands in the disciplines of Engineering and Management Sciences of its residents, as well as, of the entire metropolitan city of Karachi, at competitive rates.