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Besides striving to provide the best possible living facilities to its residents, DHA is also making concerted endeavors to look after the educational requirements of wards of DHA residents in particular and to non residents, in general.

The state of the art institutions which were operating as separate units have now been unified under the brand name of DHA College and School System (DHACSS) which has very quickly taken the shape of a comprehensive system of educational institutions, catering to strata of students from all walks of life, right from play group to primary, secondary, tertiary levels and going upto higher education at university level.

With its commitment to provide quality education to all, DHACSS is the second largest component of DHA Karachi comprising almost one third of its total strength. Starting in the year 1976 with the first school, it has now expanded into a modern and progressive education system which is universally acclaimed for its academic excellence. The hallmark of our education system is that it encompasses all-round development of a student’s personality.

Under the DHACSS brand name, the institutions have been standardized in a 360º approach. The campuses now have the same outlook with similar logo, infra structure and teaching-learning facilities. The notebooks, stationery, uniforms and even the teachers’ academic gowns are standardized. Working under a unified system, in addition to bringing a greater visibility throughout Pakistan, DHACSS has also given a platform for internal competitions within and among DHACSS Institutions. This has created a healthy competition among the students and the teachers to strive for performing even better in academic, co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

DHACSS has now become a dynamic educational system that is in alignment with the top-notch academic institutions in the mainstream of education. The DHA network comprises of 14 x reputable and state-of-the-art campuses, ranging from Montessori to Masters and University level. There is a consistent upward rise in the number of students studying in our academic institutions, with the number having touched 16,000 plus, today.

The DHA Educational system ensures provision of quality education in a conducive and congenial environment under the guidance of more than 800 competent faculty members. Our mission is to groom students into good citizens who turn out to become responsible individuals of society. The emphasis is on nurturing wholesome personality, creative thinking, true Islamic perception, healthy team spirit and high moral values.

Best academic results and even top positions are secured by our students every year, may it be Board of Secondary Education Karachi, Board of Intermediate Education and University of Karachi. Our students secure best positions in almost all co-curricular and sports activities at city level, national level and even international levels. Whereas we have our state-of-the art gymnasiums for grooming of our students, our students also have access to our well renowned clubs and sports academies. Our students are also engaged in community work in various walks of life.

The backbone of DHACSS institutions is its faculty, which is highly qualified and experience. A thorough and rigorous training schedule ensures that the faculty is up to date and ready to take the challenges of latest teaching techniques of 21st Century.

DHACSS has given due importance to computers and information technology. Whereas computers are an inclusive part of our curriculum at all levels, information technology has been incorporated in educational management for increased productivity, improved assessment and record keeping and better interaction between parents, teachers and the management.

In addition to well stocked and well designed libraries in all of our institutions, our students have free access to Defence Central Library where they have ready access to thousands of latest books, periodicals, research journals and online repository of research journals. Our state of the art library provides a conducive environment for research and self study.

Safety and security of our students is also our responsibility. Our campuses are secured by our vigilant armed security staff. The buildings are constantly being watched through a comprehensive network of security cameras and the campuses are fitted with most modern security equipments to ensure safety of our students. Our most modern fleet of school busses provide best and secure pick and drop of students.

At DHACSS, we believe in Education for All: thus we cater to all strata of the society. There are institutions for children hailing from affluent families, as well as, schools for students coming from lower-income groups. No one is refused admission because of inadequate financial resources, and generous scholarships are awarded to talented students in terms of financial assistance and fee concessions.

DHACSS has recently launched its comprehensive website which can be reached at . The website is updated frequently and gives a detailed overview of all the educational institutions of DHA Karachi, showing pictures of teaching-learning activities, contact information and complete details regarding admissions and other frequently asked questions.